High satisfaction rate for Practical Outcomes learners: NCVER survey results

Friday, December 10, 2021

The results are in from the latest survey from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) survey, and Practical Outcomes is on track, continuing to deliver training satisfaction and employment outcomes for learners.

Informing and influencing the vocational education and training (VET) space in Australia drives NCVER’s research, and each year learners who have completed studies in the VET sector are invited to take part in their student outcomes survey.

Practical Outcomes is committed to its belief that education should be human-centred — as such, results such as those from the NCVER survey are important to us. They add to our own feedback processes to ensure that we are always maximising the outcomes for our learners, and providing a rewarding training experience.

NCVER student satisfaction survey

Getting it right: online and distance learning

As we, along with much of the world, shifted to studying online from the onset of the pandemic, optimising the distance and online learning experiences was of paramount importance.

We ensure that our learners don’t feel as if they are alone on their study journey, which is why our learning approach provides learners with a dedicated trainer and comprehensive support regardless of their online course delivery mode.

With survey results showing that 92.1% of learners at Practical Outcomes reported that they were satisfied with the overall quality of their training, our efforts paid off for those completing early childhood education via our courses.

We made online learning accessible and supportive. Our clever yet easy to use online learning portal can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Learners visit the portal to access materials and submit assessments. They can get interactive with their training with videos and quizzes. This is next level online training.

Going beyond individual support, we want our learners to join a community of like-minded people — enter, our Online Community Hubs.

Our trainer-led learner community hubs are small online group webinar sessions, where learners can actively engage with trainers and peers, asking questions, and finding solutions together. These learning hubs allow our learners to gain deeper understanding of the course material and to help them progress in their studies.

Enhancing employment through quality training

Of course, while the training journey is important, gaining meaningful outcomes for learners is a priority.

According to the NCVER Survey respondents, 89.6% of Practical Outcomes’ learners were employed or enrolled in further study after training with us.

Whether it’s upskilling or entering their chosen sector, where your studies take you really matters. It’s vital that our graduates receive a high standard of training so that they leave with the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed.

Supporting the early childhood education sector

When assessing what makes a course successful or of high quality, its commitment to its relevant sector is essential. A course should know the sector it is catering to inside and out, with a goal of raising the standard and supporting it to thrive.

We were pleased to find that 92.6% of our learners found the Practical Outcomes training relevant to their job. This demonstrates that we are meeting the needs of our learners, of the early childhood education sector and its workforce, and those families who rely on them.

Continual improvement and growth are essential

The results of the annual NCVER Survey are promising and tell us that the Practical Outcomes early childhood education courses are meeting the needs of learners in our sector.

That said, it is always important to identify where there is room for improvement. We look forward to continuing to listen and take on feedback to enhance the way we consider, design and deliver high quality vocational education for those wanting to shine in the early childhood sector.

Together we can all reach our full potential. To learn more about studying with Practical Outcomes, get in touch today or head here for more information.

About this report:

Information in the report is presented on Practical Outcomes qualification completers’ reasons for training, their employment outcomes, further study outcomes and satisfaction with training. The figures are derived from the National Student Outcomes Survey, which is an annual survey of VET students.


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