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Enjoy learning from anywhere, anytime! Our brand new online learning portal brings our specialised child care training to life together with our on-going support and guidance.


support from start to finish


Real support throughout your learning journey

Completing your child care course online means you have flexibility to balance your lifestyle. Plus! We also provide a dedicated practical workplace coach and trainer/assessor to guide you through your learning journey, right from the start.

Your trainer provides you with individualised feedback on all your assessments, support you as needed and make getting qualified an enjoyable experience.

Next level online learning

The flexibility of studying via the online learning portal is just the beginning. There are so many benefits to training online with Practical Outcomes.

  • Online access from anywhere means you’ll never leave resources behind
  • Dedicated workplace coach and trainer/assessor
  • Submit your assessments online, in real time
  • Interactive learning with videos and quizzes
  • Collaborate with likeminded students through our forums
  • Access support (real people)
  • Follow your progress with the user-friendly dashboard and helpful notifications
  • No more paper-based resources benefits the environment

Flexible online study and support to suit your lifestyle


Industry leading, easy to use,
interactive and engaging online portal

We provide a dedicated trainer
that provides ongoing support

No heavy paper-based resources.
Doing our bit for the environment

What you can study online at Practical Outcomes


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