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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Quality training in early childhood education is all about supporting learners in achieving a rewarding career in the sector.  Our latest NCVER VET Student Outcomes Survey 2023 reflects an outstanding endorsement from our learners, confirming that we’re not just meeting the needs of the sector but exceeding them with our online early childhood education courses.


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Supporting learners and the early childhood sector

The early childhood education sector is dynamic and in demand, requiring a workforce that is knowledgeable, adaptable, and passionate.

Practical Outcomes online early childhood education courses are designed in collaboration with industry experts, ensuring our curriculum is not only current but forward-thinking. This collaborative approach has resulted in 90.7% of our learners expressing satisfaction with the quality of our training.

Flexible, accessible online courses for busy lives

Life can be busy, let alone fitting in studies to help you gain qualifications for the career you are seeking. Understanding that many of our learners juggle various commitments, we’ve crafted our online courses to be flexible.

This flexibility is particularly beneficial for parents or caretakers, who now have the opportunity to upskill and pursue a fulfilling career without compromising their responsibilities and time with family.

We also help learners to overcome financial barriers by providing government funding options and interest-free course funding so that the learning journey can begin sooner rather than later.

Exceptional early childhood education career outcomes

What good is completing a course if there’s no career at the end of it? Studying should lead to genuine, real-world outcomes.

Our commitment to our learners’ futures and careers is reflected in the impressive 89.1% of our students who have improved their employment status post-training — a testament to our course’s relevance and effectiveness.


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The Practical Outcomes difference: online early childhood education courses support by experts

Achieve these results for our learners is accomplished through four key pillars:

Great sector connections: Our network within the early childhood education sector is vast and deeply integrated, allowing our learners to gain insights and opportunities that are second to none.

Regular feedback loops: The voice of our students is pivotal in our approach. Regular feedback is our compass, guiding the continuous enhancement of our courses and making sure every learner feels heard.

Constant innovation: The landscape of early childhood education is continually evolving, and so are we. Our dedication to innovation keeps our courses at the forefront of the sector’s needs.

Support start to finish: We believe in nurturing our learners every step of the way. Our support network of trainers and learner success team ensures every learner has the tools and confidence to succeed.


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Planning your unique career pathway

With Practical Outcomes, your career journey can begin with a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. This foundational course opens doors to rewarding roles within the sector.

As you seek to broaden your expertise, our Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care offers deeper insights and more specialised skills.

For those passionate about working with children beyond the early years, our courses extend to qualifications for working with school-age learners and even pathways to university.


By the numbers: Our NCVER Survey results speak volumes

Don’t just take our word for it — the results are in from the latest survey from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) survey, and Practical Outcomes continues to deliver high levels of training satisfaction and exciting employment outcomes for learners.

Learners survey responses indicated that when you train in early childhood education with Practical Outcomes, you can expect:

Improved career journey: An extraordinary 89.1% of our learners improved their employment status after training, outperforming the VET sector average of 69.5%.

Gaining employment: For those not employed prior to training, 85.6% secured employment post-training, surpassing the VET sector average of 50.6%.

Overall satisfaction: 90.7% of our learners were satisfied with the training overall, reflecting the high quality of our early childhood education course offerings.

High recommendation rate: An impressive 88.1% of our learners would recommend our training, signifying the positive experience and value of our courses.


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Start on your way to a thriving early childhood education career

Our online early childhood education courses are more than just a learning experience; they are a stepping stone to a brighter future. The statistics are clear: learning with Practical Outcomes is a pathway to achieving your career goals in this fulfilling sector.

Whether you’re starting fresh or seeking to advance your career, our courses are tailored to empower you to make a significant impact in the lives of children and in the growing early childhood education sector. Get in touch with the Practical Outcomes team to get started.


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