2022 Survey shows positive learner outcomes

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Bringing out the best in future educators is a priority for us at Practical Outcomes, and we’re pleased to report that the latest results from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) are here, and they tell us we’re doing exactly that.



Shaping a strong workforce

Early childhood education and care is an essential and expanding sector. Current skills and workforce shortages mean that now more than ever, vocational education and training has a key role to play in shaping the early childhood workforce.

It’s the job of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) like us to equip the right individuals with the right skills to become great educators. This not only happens at the level of course design and delivery, but also in the relationships we develop and maintain with industry leads, childcare centres and community organisations. We’re proud to say that we’ve been focusing our attention on these relationships, and it shows.

Practical Outcomes provides the right training


Early childhood educators


We’re proud of our participation in national research and reporting like the NCVER survey, and this year it’s no different.

The results indicate that our learners are satisfied, with an impressive 94.2% reporting they were happy with the overall quality of their training. Another positive outcome to note is that a hefty 86.1% of respondents said they would be more than happy to recommend Practical Outcomes as the best training organisation for anyone looking to begin their journey in early childhood education and care.



NCVER VET Student Outcomes Survey 2022

Why survey results are important

Results like these enable us to reflect on our practice, providing crucial feedback about the training we provide. We’re interested in what our learners have to say because we believe that education should be human centred. Learner satisfaction is the most honest reflection of how we’re performing as a training organisation.

At first glance, it’s fantastic to see that most graduates found employment in the early childhood sector after training with us – a whopping 89.1%, in fact. These results are encouraging and confirm that we’re doing all the right things to get people into jobs and to get the early childhood sector the workers it desperately needs.



NCVER VET Student Outcomes Survey 2022

Our training is relevant

Early childhood education and care relies on its workers not only to provide an essential service but to encourage, inspire and shape young minds. For this reason, it’s not just the practical skills but the adaptive and interpersonal ones that make great early childhood educators.

If we want to shape well-rounded employees for this sector, our training needs to be current, relevant and robust. We want our learners to be and feel the best they can in their new jobs. The latest survey results tell us that we’re succeeding in this goal, with an impressive 90.7% of learners reporting that they found their training relevant to the work they now undertake in early childhood education and care.

Our training is rewarding

Even more encouraging is the fact that out of all these respondents, many were employed at either a higher skill level or gained a better job after completing their training. This shows that our courses are not only relevant but that the quality of our training exceeds expectations.

We don’t see our courses as a means to an end, but as journey. These excellent results attest to the importance we place on ensuring our learners get the most out of their experience training with us. We do this by providing every learner with a full suite of supports from start to finish – from the care and encouragement of our passionate educators and trainers, to ensuring individual access to resources like literacy and numeracy support, to putting learners in touch with our devoted Learner Success Team, to tailored practical placements. We want to ensure every learner is fulfilled.



Building strong relationships

We’re working in communities to place learners, trainees and graduates with the employers who need them. We’re also working to ensure that centres can access the government funding and wage subsidies they need to grow their workforces with passionate new educators. Behind our excellent NCVER results are the relationships that support us, our learners and the sector.

Our focus on improvement

We know there’s always room for improvement, so while we’re more than happy with our results, we’ll be taking what we’ve learned from the NCVER survey and using it to better our course design, structure and delivery.

We’ll also be sustaining those positive relationships with employers, organisations and sector experts so that Practical Outcomes remains one of Australia’s leading RTOs when it comes to shaping the early childhood education and care workforce.

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