Learner experience: Studying a diploma of early childhood education online

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

When researching early childhood education courses to enrol in, it can sometimes be tricky to be certain that you are choosing the course provider that is right for you.

You want a Registered Training Organisation that delivers the highest quality training for the sector along with things like aligned passion and values, course delivery modes to suit your needs and plenty of support along your training journey.

While we are happy to tell you all about the Practical Outcomes approach to early childhood education qualifications, there’s no one better suited to give insights into the training experience than a learner who recently graduated themselves.

Learner experience interview: Studying with Practical Outcomes

Practical Outcomes Diploma Graduate: Learner experience

Kim Lougoon graduated from Practical Outcomes at the end of 2020, enrolling in a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia. This meant that her course was affected by a few restrictions, most notably that she was unable to do her practical placement hours.

To ensure Kim could proceed with her course rather than take a break, all course components could be proceeded with right away, rather than waiting until the placement was complete. Once the pandemic restrictions eased, Kim’s placement was up and running in no time so that she could finish up her Diploma and apply all that theory.

Online training with children at home

For many, studying online is the way to go to get the best results. Finding balance between work, life and study is easier when you can learn at your own pace. Studying online with Practical Outcomes was perfect for Kim. With three young children at home and a husband on shift work, the ability to jump online whenever she could fit it in worked well.

“I found time when they were busy doing things or I could study at midnight if I wanted to. I could just log on and do quizzes or assignments. All the resources were online so I didn’t need to wait for anyone to send me information, it was all accessible any time I needed it”.

A dedicated trainer for support while studying online

If you are worried that studying online means you won’t have the same level of support as face-to-face learning, think again. Every learner at Practical Outcomes is allocated a dedicated trainer who has the expertise to support you through your training journey from start to finish. Kim was lucky to be able to meet her trainer just once over a coffee in the early weeks of enrolling to establish a great relationship with her before COVID restrictions increased. Kim continued to feel immensely supported by her trainer by Zoom, phone and email throughout her Diploma.

“It felt like my trainer was available 24/7 to support me. If I had any queries I could send her an email or a text and generally I had a response within the hour! If she couldn’t answer my phone call, she’d call me back as soon as possible. It was fantastic.”

That support continues for Practical Outcomes learners even when the time comes to undertake practical placement. Your trainer will visit you on the job to observe the work you are doing and give you advice or clarification as needed.

Knowing if early childhood education is for you

Everyone’s reason for exploring a career in early childhood education is a little different. For Kim, it was when her eldest child was about to start school that she started to wonder what she could do for herself.

“I had always had a passion for being around children, and I spoke to friends and family who work in early childhood and thought it sounded like it could be right for me,” Kim explains.

With the goal of having a good balance between work and being a mum, Kim loves working in a casual position where she can update her availability week to week. Early childhood education is a sector with a range of hours available to suit different lifestyles.

Flexibility isn’t all there is to enjoy in an early childhood education role. Playing an important role in helping children reach their potential as they grow is a great privilege, while also supporting other parents to work knowing their children are in safe hands. Early childhood education is a career path that gives back in many ways:

“Seeing children’s smiling faces when you head into work, they just light up your day!” confirms Kim.

For those considering a role in the sector, Kim advises that you get out there and give it a go:

“Practical Outcomes made it so achievable to complete the course and you will feel supported all the way through.”

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