Trainee early childhood educators for your service

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The early learning sector in Australia continues to grow and its importance is becoming increasingly recognised and valued.

Alongside this, there is a talent shortage across childcare. The early childhood education sector is in need of more highly trained, dedicated educators.

How can traineeships benefit your business

A quality early childhood education workforce

To ensure children have access to the best start in life, the early childhood sector requires highly trained and skilled individuals. People who want to make a meaningful difference for children. The role of the educator is not simply to play with children or provide care for them, but to educate, develop their skills and focus on pedagogy in early childhood education.

Finding individuals who are the right fit for early childhood roles can be challenging. The recent federal budget strives to continue to grow the sector, and there is further support with initiatives to encourage people to train in early childhood. For early learning providers, this is a chance to attract trainee educators to your centre and shape a strong team of educators to support children to thrive.

How traineeships can benefit your centre

While many courses focus on combining theory-based learning with practical experience, traineeships take it further. Traineeships invite those who want to get qualified in early childhood education to train on the job.

For those undertaking a traineeships, they have the opportunity to earn while they learn. Plus, they will be gaining skills, qualifications and confidence in a real world environment. But there are many benefits for centres too.

Training new employees your way

As you will be there by their side while they learn on the job, you have the opportunity to train them your way. This means showing them how you like things to be done in your centre.

Financial support and incentives for hiring trainees

Government subsidies and incentives make taking on trainees quite appealing. Plus, you could potentially save money in recruitment.

Improve staff retention in your workplace

Providing your team with the opportunity to grow in and with your early learning service shows that you value them and their career goals. You can work with your trainees to plot out their career path and tie it in with your own business needs.

All in all, trainees can be a valuable asset for your childcare service and help you create a highly skilled workforce for your centre.

Quality training for a highly skilled workforce

Shaping the highest quality workforce for early childhood education services across Victoria is what we specialise in at Practical Outcomes. We provide training for the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care and the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.

As experts in workplace training, our team is equipped to ensure that your trainees are bringing their best to your centre. Partnering with centres to provide quality staff is part of how we aim to create a bright future for the sector, its workforce and every child.

Capability as an educator should be more than simply being competent and qualified. Quality educators need to have the knowledge through theory paired with practical, hands-on learning. With our sector specialist trainers supporting your trainee, you can rest assured that you are building a strong team of educators.

We go even further than this, adding soft skills into our approach to early childhood education training. Educators who are intuitive and compassionate raise the standard. Our focus extends to essential soft skills: critical thinking, effective communication, conflict resolution and proactivity. Practical Outcomes trainees are trained to reach their full potential and bring that to your early childhood setting.

Enhance your centre with traineeships

If you’re considering staffing, recruitment and your growth as an early childhood education provider, traineeships are well worth your consideration.

When researching the benefits of trainees for your individual childcare service, get in touch with the Practical Outcomes team and learn how we partner with centres to help you get the most from traineeships for your team of educators.

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