All you need to know about First Aid

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Why first aid skills are essential?

First aid is a valuable skill no matter what industry your career is in. Working in child care and with school aged children, first aid qualifications are vital. For most of these causes you could help someone to survive if you are able to provide first aid as soon as possible and in the right way. We prepared information you need to know.


What is first aid?

what is first aid

First aid is exactly as that — first aid. That is, the first assistance provided in case of an injury, illness, accident or medical emergency. First aid training equips you with the skills and knowledge to know what to do if you’re first on the scene.

So what is first aid?

First aid kits are essential

first aid kit

Situations requiring first aid can occur anywhere at any time. Make sure you know where your first aid kit is in your workplace. If you haven’t got one at home or in the car, create the perfect first aid kit with our guide.


First Aid Kit download

Do you really know what to do?

first aid procedures

Many of us are confident we know how to perform basic first aid, but would you know what to do in case of a snake bite? Are you able to perform CPR to the current standard?


4 Procedures you might be doing wrong


Keep your life saving skills in check

first aid renewal

Getting a refresher on first aid should take place every three years. CPR refresher training should be updated every 12 months.

Why you need first aid renewal

Refreshing your first aid training is simple

first aid refresher

If you’re ready to undertake a first aid course, need to renew your CPR or it’s time for a first aid refresher, training with Practical Outcomes is simple and enjoyable.

First aid refresher in 5 steps.

CPR in Schools

CPR in schools

CPR in schools and any other education and care settings is an essential skill for carers and teachers.

CPR in schools situations


CPR Checklist

How to do CPR

How to do CPR is a good reminder of how to perform this potentially life-saving first aid procedure.

Do you know how to do CPR?

Seizure first aid

seizure first aid

Whether you’re caring for children or adults, witnessing someone having a seizure can be a frightening experience – especially if you’ve never seen one before.

Seizure first aid tips

Child CPR – what you need to know

child CPR

Child CPR can make all the difference to saving a child’s life in an emergency. Child CPR can be damaging when performed incorrectly in an emergency and so it’s important to get it right.

How to perform child CPR?





Every year, thousands of Australian children and adults are hospitalised for anaphylaxis, often a result of food allergies.

Anaphylaxis first aid

Is your workplace compliant?

First aid in the workplace

First aid in the workplace is essential as is ensuring your centre is compliant in meeting first aid requirements.

First aid in the workplace checklist

Is your school compliant?

first aid in schools

Working with school children, accidents, injuries and illness are not uncommon. That’s why first aid in schools is so important.

First Aid in schools checklist



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