First aid in schools — is your school compliant?

Monday, March 26, 2018

Working with school children, accidents, injuries and illness are not uncommon. That’s why first aid in schools is so important.

All schools and those who care for and/or educate children should have current first aid qualifications to ensure that children’s health and safety is a priority at all times. Whether it’s a scraped knee, a broken bone or an asthma attack, your knowledge of first aid is essential for the wellbeing of the children in your care.

first aid in schools

So how do you know if your school or school-like organisation is first aid compliant? This checklist can help.

First aid in schools — Checklist

  1. First aid kits should be provided by the school
  2. Staff must be able to readily access first aid kits
  3. First aid kits should be fully stocked with all items within their expiry date
  4. Have a designated first aid officer/s for your school
  5. Make portable first aid kits available for excursions and other events off school premises
  6. Ensure sufficient staff are trained in first aid
  7. Ensure staff members’ first aid qualifications are current
  8. Put a system in place to update staff members first aid qualifications at least every three years
  9. Relevant staff members should update CPR qualifications every 12 months
  10. Are all staff members aware of your school’s first aid procedures

For more guidance on first aid compliance in Victorian schools click here to visit the School Policy Advisory Guide.

The more individuals working with children have first aid qualifications, the better. Even if it’s not a requirement, if you work with children it is well worth considering a first aid course to ensure you have the confidence and skills to provide first aid in an emergency. After all, your knowledge of first aid could save a life.

When it comes to first aid in schools, Practical Outcomes provides the accredited first aid courses you need.

Browse our first aid courses online here or get in touch to talk about how we can train your school staff at the required intervals to maintain current qualifications and stay compliant.

What else you need to know about first aid?

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