First aid renewal — 3 reasons why it’s essential

Saturday, March 17, 2018

First aid renewal is crucial, not only to keep your first aid qualifications up to date but your knowledge too. You know how to get a first aid certificate, but did you know it’s important to keep it current?

first aid renewal

You should be undertaking first aid renewal every three years, and CPR training every 12 months. You might be thinking ‘But I know ABC first aid like the back of my hand’, but there are a few reasons why first aid renewal needs to occur every three years.

  1. The guidelines and procedures can change

Each year, new medical advancements are made, guidelines are revisited and procedures can be updated or amended. To stay on top of all changes, regular first aid renewal is vital. You don’t want to perform a previous version of a first aid procedure if there is a newer, more effective version available, especially when it comes to life-saving procedures

  1. To continually refresh skills and knowledge

Even if only a few details have changed since you last did a first aid course, if you’re not performing first aid and CPR on a regular basis you’re likely to start to forget little things.

Keep your skills and knowledge refreshed and stay in practice by renewing within the recommended three-year time frame for first aid or every 12 months for the CPR component.

  1. Stay confident

It’s one thing to know first aid techniques, but it’s another to have the confidence to apply them when the time comes. Regular training ensures that you will always have the confidence (along with those life-saving skills) to act quickly and effectively when faced with a potentially stressful medical situation.


Book in your first aid renewal

If you got your first aid certificate three years ago, now is the time for your first aid renewal. You can book in here.

Don’t forget to renew your CPR training every 12 months. Click here to book.

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