Eggcellent Easter activities in child care

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Easter is a super eggciting time for children! Between Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs, there’s plenty to love, but these Easter activities in child care can add some extra fun to this time of year.

To give you an idea of what you can do with children in your care, we’ve compiled some eggcellent activities to try! You could share these ideas at placement or with children in your centre or family day care facility.

easter activities in child care

Decorating eggs for Easter

Rather than just admiring the glitzy foil wrapper on chocolate eggs, why not get children involved in decorating their own eggs for Easter! You can use plastic eggs or real eggs that have the egg blown out.

Get creative with it — these ideas can give you some zany inspiration!

Easter bonnets

Who remembers taking part in the Easter bonnet parade as a child? We do!

Children in early childhood and primary school are still having a great time creating Easter bonnets and showing them off in 2018. Get inspired with some of Kidspot’s Easter hat ideas here. This Easter crown is easy and adorable. Better yet, maybe you still remember how yours was made from your younger days and can recreate it with the children in your care!

Easter hunt with a difference

The classic Easter hunt is always eggciting for children. Of course, with allergies and parental preferences to keep in mind, a chocolate egg hunt probably isn’t the best choice.

An Easter scavenger hunt is fun though! You can find some fun examples here. Best of all, you can make it work for any space, indoors or outdoors and it can work for any age too.

Exploring the meaning of Easter

From Easter egg hunts to chocolate bunnies, decorating eggs and Easter bonnets – there are so many different ways that we celebrate Easter. Easter traditions are unique across many different countries, religions and cultures too – this might be something to bring in to your centre’s celebrations.

If there are families or educators in your centre who celebrate Easter a particular way, it can be wonderful to have them talk about – or even show – how Easter is recognised in their lives.

Regardless of whether you take a secular approach to Easter or talk about all the different ways Easter is enjoyed over the world, it is almost always a time that children get excited about.

Get inspired with our Pinterest Easter board. Follow us and don’t miss new boards.

If getting this excited about Easter at your workplace sounds like fun, a child care career might be for you! Explore our courses or get in touch with us to discover a meaningful career in early childhood education.

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