Easter activities children will love

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

For some, Easter is a time to take part in religious services, for others it is a time to get together with family and friends and enjoy delicious food, and for many it’s all of these things!

It’s certainly a time that children enjoy — and from chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies to extra time with loved ones, that is no surprise! Creating engaging Easter activities to enjoy in your early childhood service or for children to take home to share with the whole family is a fun way to learn and celebrate with this time of year in mind.

To help you, we’ve compiled some top Easter activities that everyone will love.

Easter activities for children

Top Easter activities for early childhood services

1. Make an Easter bunny mask

The magic of the Easter bunny is exciting for all children, and while Easter bonnets and hats are a fun craft idea, why not branch out and make bunny mask this time around? Any occasion is a good occasion to play dress ups, and a handmade Easter bunny mask makes for an adorable feature! Here’s a simple approach using a paper plate, or try these free printables.

2. Egg and spoon race

Getting little bodies moving each day is a must for health and wellbeing. This Easter let’s continue the egg theme and head outside for an egg and spoon race! You could use an Easter egg or even just a small ball to balance on a spoon and you’re all set to race!

3. Easter treasure hunt

You don’t need to hide chocolate to have fun at Easter. This sensory treasure hunt takes children outdoors to find things that are smooth, rough, smell nice and a range of other prompts to encourage them to explore. You can even make up your own to suit your indoor or outdoor environment.

4. Decorating eggs

Rather than paint and draw on a flat piece of paper, diversify your approach to craft with Easter-themed painting of eggs. This is a traditional pastime for this time of year and can be done with real eggs by blowing out the egg inside to paint the shells. Be mindful of egg allergies in services and of course, you don’t have to use real eggs — any egg-shaped object is fine. Encourage children to get creative and experiment with different colours and designs, expressing themselves through art.

5. Cooking an Easter feast

Cooking is a great way for children to learn. It incorporates science, explores many of the senses such as smell, sight and touch, plus don’t forget about the mathematics through measuring out ingredients. You can even use the egg that was blown out for your traditional egg decorating as an ingredient. Take a look here at some great Easter-themed recipes that are simple enough for little helpers to be involved.

Exploring Easter through play-based learning

Every day there is something new for children to learn and explore, and Easter is no exception. You can level up the learning and educational element in many of these activities easily. Try adding counting to your treasure hunt, such as finding a certain amount of leaves. Promote sensory development, discovering things through each of the senses. Discuss shapes and colours when making bunny masks, work on jumping and hopping in the egg and spoon race and so much more.

For additional ideas for activities to try with children at a centre or at home over the long weekend, we’ve created downloadable activity flyers you can try!

Have a happy Easter with your family and friends, creating new experiences and memories all the while!


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