How to choose the right RTO for you

Monday, January 15, 2018

Choose an RTO

RTO stands for Registered Training Organisation, and there are many of them to choose from when you’re ready to start studying. When it’s time to choose an RTO you’ll need to think about which one is going to get you the best outcome and suit your needs.

Which RTO should I choose?

There are thousands of RTOs in Australia. Each of these offers varying locations, courses, qualifications, methods of teaching and course durations. It is important for you to determine exactly what you are looking for.

Let’s look at five things you should consider when choosing an RTO.

  1. Type of qualification required: It’s a no-brainer, but make sure you choose an RTO that is offering the right qualification that you want.
  2. Location (in person or online): Does the RTO have options for studying that suit your life? Are the classes accessible for you?
  3. Quality of the course: At Practical Outcomes we pride ourselves on having relevant, up-to-date course material. It’s essential that your course is high quality. Practical placement is a really essential element to look for to gain experience and skills too.
  4. Reputation: Do your research. Does the RTO have a good reputation and lots of happy graduates?
  5. Your desired outcome and career goal: Is there a focus on real-world skills and support for entering the workforce?


The many benefits of RTOs

No matter which you choose, there are many benefits of choosing to undertake study at an RTO.

RTOs provide high quality and nationally recognised qualifications. You may also apply for assistance from the government to fund your education. In addition, RTOs can offer several levels of qualification ranging from Certificates at various levels to Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas.

If you’re thinking about starting a course with an RTO, call us at Practical Outcomes to chat about your goals and find out how we can help you on your training and career journey.


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