Top 5 most-read early childhood education blogs in 2022

Monday, December 12, 2022

With the end of the year around the corner, it’s time to start reflecting on 2022 so we can launch into 2023 with a clear idea of what we want to achieve and how to go about it.

To help see what was important to those of you within our Practical Outcomes’ early childhood education community, we had a look at what our most popular blog articles were for the year.

Take a look below to get a quick overview of the most-read pieces on our website.

With any luck you’ll find some inspiration to carry into your own reflections on the year that was as we head into 2023.

1. Four reasons why working in childcare is rewarding

Early childhood educators are in high demand, so we wanted to showcase to those considering a career in the sector just how rewarding and wonderful being an educator can be.

We spoke with a group of inspiring and dedicated early childhood educators to put together this article that unpacks why working in this sector really is so rewarding — they also shared some of the cute things children say that adds to the enjoyment of this career path.

2. Why cultural diversity is vital in early learning

Providing cultural diversity in early learning

Early childhood education is a diverse sector involving collaboration across people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures every day.

This blog about cultural competence discussed how to assist children in developing their cultural competency and how to support educators in acknowledging and implementing culturally positive practices.

3. Understanding career pathways in early childhood education

Career pathways can take you in various directions short-term and long-term depending on the qualification you choose in early childhood education.

We explained the different courses and roles associated with them in this article so that you can have a solid understanding of what’s available to meet your goals.

4. What is an RTO (and why should you choose one)?

With so many terms to get your head around such as VET and RTO, we took the time to explain what an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) is and what it means to you.

Choosing where to study is a crucial part of your training journey, and with so many options available it’s worth knowing what to look for to get the best outcomes for your early childhood education career.

5. Top skills and qualities to become a great educator

As an early childhood educator, you provide vital play-based learning experiences and nurturing for children during a critical time of development.

With this in mind, educators require training to develop the appropriate skills and qualities that will equip them to give children the very best start possible for a thriving future. This blog digs deep into the skills and qualities you possess to help you on your way in early childhood education.

Sharing sector news and insights to support ECEC

Supporting educators and the sector more broadly is important to the Practical Outcomes team.

We hope you have found our blog to offer you valuable resources this year on your journey in early childhood education.

Keep checking in with the Practical Outcomes blog as we continue to provide you with insights and guidance for the early childhood education sector in the year to come.


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