Be the change you want to see: A career in early childhood education

Thursday, July 29, 2021

When it comes to providing care for children, Trisha is passionate about ensuring children get the care they need provided by the appropriate people.

A big believer that you should be the change you want to see in the world, Trisha’s move into a career in early childhood education was spurred on by being a mother herself and wanting to provide that high-quality care for all children.

What Trisha believes makes early childhood education so special is that it’s a caring sector. Going to work and feeling a genuine sense of purpose isn’t something that a lot of people can honestly report about their career, but it’s a core part of working in early childhood education. And, as Trisha explains, it’s also a very flexible career path.

“You can get qualified, work in the sector then step away and do something else for a while but know that you can return to early childhood education when you want to. Or you can move interstate, head off to Queensland and know that you are likely to be able to find a role as an educator.”

Starting a family day care service of her own, Trisha knows just how many opportunities are on offer for a thriving career in early childhood education. From commencing a family day care service to create a career where you work for yourself from home, or exploring the various positions in childcare centres, there are career choices for people to support their family situation and be able to earn and income as well.

Trainer bio: Career in early childhood education and care

Insights and support from an experienced early childhood trainer

Caring for other people’s children is a privilege that Trisha takes seriously. As well as being a committed educator herself over the duration of her career, she now makes it her mission to help others become the best educators they can be.

With over 30 years in the early childhood education sector and having had twins of her own, it’s safe to say that Trisha has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with her learners.

Trisha highlights commitment, compassion and adaptability as key traits for a career in early childhood education. While being a naturally caring person can help you to flourish as an educator, the qualities and skills required to be a great early childhood education can be learned.

A flexible, supportive approach to early childhood training

At Practical Outcomes, our courses reflect the need for those soft skills. We help learners to graduate feeling that they are on track to developing those necessary qualities, whether it’s through practical placement, the placement reflection journals, and by learning with the guidance of knowledgeable trainers like Trisha.

“We are very flexible in the way we approach training and support. It doesn’t always have to be nine to five. We understand that our learners have families and other life commitments and we actually care about our learners at Practical Outcomes.”

One of the benefits of studying via our online learning portal is that you can log in from wherever you are at any time to study. This could be on the couch of an evening, or from a library during the day — whatever works for you. And trainers like Trisha ensure that online learning is not a lonely journey.

Trisha’s days as an early childhood education trainer with Practical Outcomes centre around being a source of support for learners. She is available to be there for her learners via email, phone and in person, including visiting a centre while a learner is in the midst of their practical placement. On top of this, she carefully reviews the work a learner is submitting, giving feedback to help them grow and learn through their studies.

“It’s so important that learners feel they can ask any questions they have. You want them to ask questions, that’s how they will learn”, Trisha explains.

A sector where you can have fun every day

Trisha has clear advice for anyone thinking about joining the rewarding early childhood education sector:

“Make that phone call. Talk to the people who can give you the right information, but don’t get too clouded by someone else’s journey, because everyone’s is different.”

“And it’s important to remember, this is one of the only sectors where you can leap about, sing and dance and have fun at work every single day.”

If an early childhood education career is something you have been considering, a call to Practical Outcomes can provide you with answers and information to help you make the right decision for you.

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