Create the perfect child care cover letter (template included)

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

First impressions can last, and when you’re applying for roles in your chosen career path making a good first impression is especially important. Often your cover letter and resume are your big opportunity to stand out from the beginning. With this in mind, a thoughtfully written child care cover letter can be the key to unlocking exciting job opportunities.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or stepping into the world of early childhood education for the first time, we’ve got some tips to help you prepare a cover letter that can get you the job interview. Plus, make sure you download our child care cover letter sample template to help you get started.

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Gain a deep understanding of the role and employer

Before you even begin to write your cover letter, take the time to do the research needed first. Understanding the specific needs and values of the child care facility you’re applying to work with will help you to build a cover letter (and resume) that is aligned with the organisation and their mission.

Start with a strong introduction

A personal yet professional greeting is ideal to kick off your cover letter. Hopefully, you can address the person who is doing the hiring directly by name. If not, you can use something more general such as ‘hiring team’ or ‘management team’.

Your opening paragraph should immediately capture attention for the right reasons, outlining your enthusiasm for the role and why you’re drawn to the organisation. The goal is have the reader want to learn more about you.

Incorporate your relevant experience and skills

Your cover letter for a child care position should showcase your qualifications and experience in an engaging way that directly relates to the role in question.

Emphasise your practical skills, talk about your early childhood education qualifications, and try to mention brief real-world examples that demonstrate your capability to nurture and support children’s development.

Touch on your adaptive skills

While knowledge and experience are vital, for an early childhood education cover letter you want to highlight your adaptive or ‘soft’ skills too. After all, these are essential to thrive in child care careers.

Reflect on moments where you’ve utilised empathy, communication, or patience to show that you get it.

Finish with a call to action

End your cover letter on a positive and confident note, reiterating your enthusiasm for the role and just how keen you are to contribute to the team.

Also make sure you include a call to action, inviting the opportunity for an interview to discuss how you will be a great fit to help them reach their goals.

Attention to detail

Don’t hit send yet! First, read over your cover letter to ensure it’s error-free. Proofread for spelling and grammar, and ensure the format is professional and easy to read. Attention to detail reflects your professionalism and dedication.

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Free child care cover letter sample template download

To help you get started, download this child care cover letter sample template. Tailor it to meet your unique experience and personality to create a solid cover letter that will help you get a job interview for the early childhood education role you’ve been wanting.

BONUS: Free cover letter Template

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