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Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Some of the most significant wiring of our brains occurs during the first five years of life. This is a time of rapid brain development and lays the foundation for their future.

According to the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC), at age three a child has approximately 1000 trillion brain connections. Compare this to 500 trillion in adulthood.

Child care workers play a vital role

With this huge amount of brain development occurring so early in a child’s life, the importance of quality care giving for children cannot be understated. It’s safe to say that early childhood educators play a vital role in children’s lives and shaping the future.

While we all know that genetics play a role in shaping who children become, a large part of brain development comes down to early experiences and the quality of care and relationships available to children in those first five years of life. This lays the crucial foundation for healthy development as children grow.

An emphasis on quality child care

Parents and family are obviously an enormous influence during this time of a child’s life. However, many parents need to work to support their families so quality child care workers become particularly important.

The emphasis here is on quality – well-trained early childhood educators are a must, which is why we are dedicated to providing practical real-world training for all students.

Educators really make a difference

Many early childhood educators are passionate about giving children the best start, and the research agrees that early childhood educators really do make have an impact on children’s lives and futures.

Many children spend time in child care and early learning centres during their early years. These child care experiences should be delivered complete with nurturing relationships, plenty of time for play and opportunities to build resilience. All these factors and more can help to create a bright future for a young child.

Support the future of young children

At Practical Outcomes we believe in fostering your dreams and the dreams of young children. To deliver the training you need, our early childhood courses are run by trainers with extensive experience and practical know-how. We are passionate about a high quality early childhood industry and want you to become the best educator possible.

Knowing just how vital those first five years of life are to children’s development and future highlights just how special early childhood education is – whether you’re undertaking an early childhood course, working as an educator or training, your role is making a difference to children’s lives every day.

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