Why the child care industry needs you!

Monday, July 15, 2019

When you embark on a career in child care, you are given the privilege of supporting and nurturing children during one of the most crucial times in their lives. You are helping to shape the future and provide the youngest members of society with the care they need to thrive.

Early childhood is a vital time of development, with the most significant wiring of the human brain occurring in the first five years of life. At three years of age, a child has around 1,000 trillion brain connections or ‘synapses’, according to research by the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC). This number is halved by adolescence, with about 500 trillion synapses remaining as we head into adulthood. In fact, according to The Age of Montessori, children develop 85% of their core brain structure by the time they are five years old and will build on this core foundation for the rest of her life.

With this in mind, the child care industry needs the those who are committed to making a difference in developing and caring for young children.

A career that truly makes a difference

Working in child care, you will care for children as young as a few weeks old right through to school age — that’s the duration of that entire period of crucial development!

While parents play a huge role during this time, so to do child care educators who create meaningful, caring relationships with children and families. These quality attachments can go a long way, laying the foundation for children to experience healthy development.

Nurturing children through crucial development

The child care industry needs educators who are passionate about giving children the best start they can. After all, the science speaks for itself – early childhood educators really do make a difference in children’s lives while their brains are undergoing key development and growth.

Children spend varying amounts of time in child care and preschool facilities during their early years, but quality early childhood educators who provide nurturing relationships, plenty of time for play and opportunities to explore and learn can help to create a bright future for a young child.

Training in a child care course with Practical Outcomes will ensure that you have the knowledge and expertise to be the best child care educator you can be! And, currently in a growth phase, the child care industry needs you!

Be a part of this special industry and discover a rewarding career that truly makes a difference in the lives of others every day.

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