What can I claim on tax as a student

Monday, June 18, 2018

What can I claim. Student tax time tips

The end of the financial year is fast approaching and if you’re currently a student you might be asking yourself ‘ What can I claim? ’. Depending on the purpose of your training, there are some tax deductions to consider that you might not have thought of. We’ve got some tips to help you get your student claims right at tax time.

What can I claim

The first thing to know is that the Australian Tax Office (ATO) will allow you to claim self-education expenses if your course matches certain criteria. Your training should:

  • maintain or improve the specific skills or knowledge you require in your current employment, or
  • result in, or is likely to result in, an increase in your income from your current employment.

If you’re not currently a student but you’ve been considering taking up extra training to better equip you within your existing employment or to get a pay rise, make sure you enrol before June 30, 2018 so you can claim it when you do this year’s tax!

Perhaps you’ve been thinking of upskilling to a Diploma to become a room leader at work or you want to advance your first aid skills? Now is the time.

If you’re already studying and want to find out what you can claim as a student at tax time, read on!

‘What can I claim at tax time?’

Many students aren’t aware that they can claim anything study-related, but there are a bunch of course-related expenses that are tax deductible. Here are four of the main ones to consider:

1. Course fees

Your course fees are a tax deduction, as long as your training meets the self-education criteria we mentioned earlier.

2. Stationery

Who doesn’t like to have nice stationery?! Stay organised with a yearly planner, keep your notes and things you learn in a dedicated notebook, get yourself a good quality reliable pen… There are many stationery items students need, so don’t forget to keep your receipts and claim them on tax.

3. Computer decline value and repairs

A computer is an essential study tool. While you’re a student you can claim your computer’s depreciation and any repairs you might need on it

4. Home office expenses

A study environment can be incredibly useful to make the most of your study time. Your home office or study set up for your course can include a range of tax deductible items like a printer, paper, internet access and software.selma

5. Choose wisely for the best result

Tax and financial matters can be confusing but choosing a well-regarded tax professional can make it easy for you. Get the best result from your tax return with the guidance of someone who knows tax inside and out, and you can claim their fee on tax.

If you’re still choosing a training provider to enrol in a course to upskill or even start a new career entirely, make sure you opt for specialists in their industry too. At Practical Outcomes, early childhood education is our area of expertise and training others in this industry is what we do best.

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This is general tax information and is not professional taxation advice. Get in touch with the ATO or a tax professional to find how this information applies to your own unique circumstances.

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