Why upskilling staff will improve your child care business

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The definition of upskilling is the process of teaching your current staff additional skills. Upskilling in child care is of the most worthwhile processes you can put in place when managing a child care centre.As a child care centre manager or owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your team is always on top of new developments in the industry. One way to do so is by constantly updating their knowledge and skills.


With online courses, upskilling doesn’t need to be disruptive to the running of your centre. You can maintain business as usual while offering upskilling opportunities to your team. And there are plenty of benefits to your business when you choose to provide access to courses to upskill your educators.


Reduce staff turnover

The child care industry is known to have a high turnover of staff. Studies have shown that high staff turnover child care centres adversely affects children’s development, and it’s certainly not something that appeals to families looking for a centre. Offering your team regular opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills increases the chances of them staying at your centre for a longer period of time. That is the best type of return on investment you can hope for!


Increase staff motivation

Upskilling your educators is a proven way to boost staff morale. The more you invest in your staff’s development, the happier and more fulfilled they are. When your team is confident about their knowledge and skills in the workplace, they will feel they are valuable assets to your business. And the more skilled they are, the more they bring to your centre.


Deliver high quality care

Upskilling your staff will also lead to an overall improvement of your centre. As your team gains new skills, they will be able to contribute to your business in different and improved ways. Diversifying your staff’s knowledge and skills will enable them to contribute to different areas of your business and deliver high quality care within your centre.

At Practical Outcomes helping you and your team to become the best you can be is our priority. Our Melbourne online courses can give you and your team the opportunity to upskill with ease. Contact us today to chat about how you can upskill your child care centre’s team.




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