Supporting employees to upskill in child care

Friday, November 17, 2017

As human beings we seek out growth and development from a young age. Learning is instinctive and a driving force for us to be the best we can be. Supporting your employees to upskill in child care careers can be an excellent way to motivate them and help them reach their full potential.

upskill in child care

There are so many amazing benefits to upskilling your employees. It is effectively upskilling your business. It raises the bar for the knowledge and capability standard of your staff members, and even the quality of early childhood education and care delivered.

Giving employees the opportunity to grow professionally through upskilling does mean they will need support to achieve their study goals. Here’s how you can help your employees upskill in child care:


Personal and professional development plans

Communication is so important between employers and their teams. Make it a goal of yours to sit down with employees, especially those who have been with you for some time, and talk about their goals. Where do they want their careers to go, what do they want to achieve. Encourage them to make a plan and give them whatever support you can to get their plans under way.


Allow some time and flexibility for study

You don’t need to grant hours and hours of leave time each week, but you can offer support through time and flexibility. If an employee is studying and there is some quiet time available, offer it to them for study time. If they need a little more flexibility than normal while upskilling, remember the time you give them now is an investment in a more skilled and productive employee.


Offer opportunities to upskill in child care

Don’t wait for employees to ask about upskilling — look into options to train your team or individuals in it to offer them opportunities for professional development that they may not have even thought of. This shows a commitment to your employees and their careers, and enables you to potentially tailor the training to best suit your business and its needs or your team’s gaps in skills.

If organising training and upskilling your team is on your agenda, get in touch with us about workplace training for your business.

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