SunSmart in child care

Thursday, February 22, 2018

SunSmart in child care

Being SunSmart in child care

As a child care professional, children’s health is at the top of your priority list. In summer, we need to be extra vigilant about children’s sun exposure, but being SunSmart in child care doesn’t have to be a challenge.

To ensure every educator is across the best ways to protect children from the sun, a policy around sun safety is a must. With every element of sun protection and responsibilities covered, keeping children safe in summer becomes simple.

Embedding SunSmart practices in centres

We all know the basics of sun protection, but with so many children in your care and often with many things happening at once, some things could be overlooked. That’s why a SunSmart policy can be useful — with all educators having a solid understanding of the details of the policy, it will become second-nature.

Knowledge is essential for child care professionals to be truly SunSmart in child care. The SunSmart website has many resources to educate everyone on the subject of sun safety, including adults and children.

Being a SunSmart centre also means you are giving children the tools and messages to continue to stay safe in the sun for their futures. This is invaluable knowledge that can have a huge impact on children’s health and their lives.

Take a look at the sample policy that SunSmart shares on their website to help you create your own.

Consistency is key

The most important thing when it comes to being a sun protection savvy child care centre is ensuring that the information is consistent. This will minimise confusion and make sure all educators are on the same page.

Posters with the basics of sun protection could be displayed in the centre for easy reference. Parents should be informed of policy and even be involved. For example, ask parents to cover children in sunscreen before they arrive at the centre and ideally apply sunscreen before dressing children to ensure thorough coverage.

With a great SunSmart policy in place, you’ll be sending children off into the world with a sound understanding of how to enjoy the sun safely!


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