The TOP reasons why working in child care is so rewarding

Thursday, December 15, 2016

You’ve probably heard that working in early childhood education is a rewarding job, but have you ever considered WHY it’s so rewarding?Let’s take a look at our top reasons why working in child care makes for an amazing career.



Make a real difference in the lives of children

People say that the most rewarding job is one where you get to make a difference, and working in childcare means you’ll be making a difference in the lives of young children every time you head to work!

See children’s development and learning firsthand as they grow and flourish under your care. It’s a great privilege to be entrusted with other people’s children and every day is a rewarding opportunity to play a role in children’s lives in those crucial first five years.

High job demand



A $9 billion funding boost to early childhood education and kindergarten services means the creation of over 6,000 new jobs in early learning. Part of the funding is going toward the roll-out of 50 new affordable childcare centres which will need to be staffed by highly trained and passionate workers. The first of these centres is due to open in 2025 – so now’s the perfect time to get qualified.

Healthy work/life balance

Most early childhood education jobs offer flexible hours and part-time options, so there’s an educator role with working hours to suit your needs. You’ll be able to achieve a healthy work/life balance and make your career in childcare work for your lifestyle. That sounds a lot better than working 9-5!

Changing the future

Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. Some of the most important wiring of our brains takes place in the first five years. Children’s early experiences and the quality of their care and relationships are crucial during this time. This means your role in early childhood education can have an impact on a child’s entire life. While these are three great reasons why early childhood education is a rewarding career, here’s just one more…

The things children say!

As well as the above, working in early childhood education means your days are filled with fun and laughter. Our trainers shared just a few of the cutest things children have said to them:

“My baby brother is always stinky!” – Ebonie

“During a Kindergarten graduation we had a parent/child dance as part of the festivities. One of my boys told his mum he didn’t want to dance with her because he wanted to dance with his girlfriend, ‘Miss Kat’. So cute!” – Katherine

“If the spider is also scared of me, then why is she crawling on me?!” – Cecilie

“One little boy once told me that he loves me and wants to marry me!” – Marie

”I love you Nanna and I love Pappy too, but I’m glad you’re here so I don’t have to listen to Pappy anymore!” – Tracey

“A child once said that when they grow up they will live with me and help pay the rent.” – Amanda

“I love you to the moon and back!” – Manmeet

Opportunities to progress your career



Early childhood education is a broad field with many different paths available. You might start out working in early learning and make your way to a role as Centre Director. You might develop an interest in teaching and use your qualifications and experience as a pathway to university study. With so many opportunities to progress, your career in early childhood education is what you make it.


Experience the rewards of a career in early childhood education for yourself. Getting qualified with Practical Outcomes is the first step.




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