Professional development in early childhood

Thursday, July 9, 2020

To ensure your service is providing the highest level of care and education to children, it is important to support your early childhood educators in staying skilled and motivated within their careers.

Often it comes down to showing your staff their worth and helping them to recognise what they’re capable of in the workplace. Investing in professional development opportunities is an investment in developing your business’s number one asset — its people. If enhancing the care standard and culture of your workplace is a priority, then professional development should be too.

Staff professional development

The true value of professional development for early childhood education

In our fast-paced world, technology, expectations and standards are evolving quickly. This means our workforce needs to be ready to adapt, staying on top of the latest information and best practice. For employees to feel satisfied at work, they need the chance to build confidence in their individual capacity to adapt and evolve too. This is where professional development and upskilling can be invaluable.

Learning and growth to grow your childcare business

Being proactive about building the skills of your workforce is a simple yet effective way of taking a holistic approach to enhancing your early childhood service. With early childhood services striving toward the best National Quality Standard Rating (NQS Rating) possible, Practical Outcomes can provide education that will fulfil, or even surpass, the needs of your business and your staff now and in the future.

Reduce staff turnover:  Linkedin Learning’s 2019 Workplace Learning Report found that 94% of employees would stay with a company longer if it invested in their learning and development. Save time and money on recruitment while showing your employees that they are valued.

Maximise productivity: With the confidence and capabilities gained through additional training, you can expect your workforce to be more efficient and productive. When your team is highly trained, they also have the latest and greatest knowledge to benefit the way they approach their roles.

A higher standard of care: Early childhood educators who are equipped with quality information and training are better able to provide the highest possible standard of care. Enhancing your team enhances your centre at the same time, which can attract more enrolments.

Educators thrive through professional development

The incredible benefits of professional development for your team can have a positive impact on your educators professionally, as well as personally.

Level up skills and knowledge: Keeping your industry know-how up to date is vital and regular professional development means you have the latest information and tools to do your job to the highest standard.

Feeling happier at work: Everyone wants to feel satisfied within their career, and professional development can improve your enjoyment of work. Knowing that your employer has invested in you and your skillset is incredibly rewarding.

Confidence and passion: Confidence at work enables you to do a better job and enjoy your job more, making getting up for work every day much easier. Professional development training builds your confidence and sparks your passion.

Meeting the needs of your educators

To get the most out of upskilling and training your team, you need to show your employees that professional development will be worth their time and energy. There are many ways to do this, including asking yourself a few questions:

Do I know what my staff needs? Talk to your employees, listen to what they want and need, survey teams anonymously and ask for feedback and insights to guide your approach professional development. The training should help your team to be better and do better, and they can help you identify gaps in their own skillsets that need to be filled.

Is it worth it? For committed uptake, training should respect your employees’ time. Firstly, it should be scheduled in such a way that is respectful of their lives and other commitments. Secondly, it should be worth their time. Often this means the professional development is goal-oriented, enabling them to extend their skills with the potential view of climbing in their careers.

Am I being innovative? The training you offer your staff needs to engage them, stimulate them and excite them. If you offer the same training each year, chances are it will be met with disinterest and your workforce is unlikely to learn and grow. Be innovative and tailor your professional development to your unique business and staff.

Culture of continuous learning

Supporting a team of employees in gaining more skills and knowledge, increasing job satisfaction in your workplace and reducing staff turnover, while enhancing the quality of care offered by your child care service? Professional development makes it possible.

Practical Outcomes specialises in delivering professional development and upskilling opportunities for the early childhood education sector. We deliver a range of courses and training, including our Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50113).


Nurturing your business and your team by creating a culture of continuous learning and growth can take your childcare service to the next level. If you would like more information about how we can support your professional development goals, please get in touch with us.


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