Overcoming study challenges to achieve goals

Monday, November 4, 2019

Recently, we were reminded of how hard work and dedicated trainer support can transform a person from being an apprehensive student, nervous about studying, into a confident, job-ready candidate! A massive congratulations to Gemma Rubenstein for overcoming her study challenges and completing her  Diploma of School Age  Education and Care and taking this HUGE step towards achieving her career goals!


Gemma  Gemma

Gemma’s learning journey

Gemma’s learning journey with Practical Outcomes began in 2017, and it wasn’t always a smooth path. She didn’t feel she was an academic person but had a passion to work in the child care sector. She took advantage of Practical Outcome’s flexible study options and opted to study using Practical Outcomes’ paper-based resources as she wasn’t comfortable with online study. Gemma chose the Diploma of School Age care, a qualification that provides the skills and knowledge for the overall planning, implementation and management of a school age education and care program.

With the Diploma, Gemma would have access to a variety of career outcomes, such as:

  • Outside school hours care coordinator
  • Outside school hours care educator
  • Program leader
  • Service manager
  • Team leader
  • Vacation care coordinator

The importance of trainer support

There were times Gemma wasn’t sure if she could do it, but with the dedicated support from trainer Taya Arnold, placement coordinator Kylie Jackson and LLN support coordinator Mary Fenessy she started to believe she actually COULD do it.

Whenever she was feeling overwhelmed with her studies, Taya, Kylie and Mary were there to help her by answering her questions, meeting face-to-face regularly and by helping her understand the material. Gemma describes her learning journey as challenging but totally worth it!

The proof is in the promotion!

In no time after completing her Diploma, Gemma has landed an awesome job at Theircare and has since been promoted from assistant to coordinator.

We are so proud to see one of our learners grow and thrive in the way Gemma has. She is living proof that with an experienced and dedicated support team and the will to do something you are passionate about, you can truly overcome any obstacle put in your way and achieve your goals!

Congrats from all of us at Practical Outcomes! We can’t wait to see you succeed in your new career 😊

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