Online childcare courses versus traditional training

Monday, June 25, 2018

Why online is a must

Online training options have become increasingly popular over the past decade, as life seems to become more fast-paced and time harder to come by. If you’ve been comparing online childcare courses to traditional campus training, you might be wondering what the differences really are.

online childcare courses

We’ve compiled some of the common course considerations and looked at how online learning at Practical Outcomes compares to traditional on-campus childcare courses.

Take a look and get a better understanding of why online childcare courses can provide all the benefits of campus study, with added flexibility and convenience for students.

Online childcare courses versus traditional campus training

 1. Learning pace

Take in the learning material at your own pace and spend extra time on the course material as needed.One size fits all approach means all students must learn at the same pace and work through the course together.

2. Flexibility

Online childcare courses enable you to jump online from wherever you are at a time that suits. You can create your own study schedule to work for your existing commitments.Class schedules are set and in order to attend you need to plan your other commitments around the training for your course.

3. Support throughout your course

Unlike many online childcare courses, Practical Outcomes ensures each student has a dedicated trainer to support and guide them through their course from start to finish.Support is provided on campus by an experienced trainer who provides help to students through the course.

4. Hands-on learning experiences

While online learning doesn’t involve getting hands-on, our online childcare courses incorporate real-life practical placement to ensure all students get vital on-the-job experience.Learning takes place within a campus setting and may use examples of real life scenarios and could include a work placement component for practical experience.

5. Environmental impact

With online courses you can read course material and complete coursework online, so there is no need for wasteful paper resources.Course material and work is paper-based and even assignments require additional paper and printing to be done.

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