Infection control training in early childhood education

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Infection control protocols in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) workplaces are imperative in protect the health and wellbeing of educators, children and families.

For these centres to thrive, they need to create an environment that makes everyone who attends the service feel safe and confident.

This is especially important in light of COVID-19, with infection control in centres of the utmost priority for those working in or relying on the care delivered by the sector. Keeping Queensland’s families and educators healthy while accessing early childhood education and care can be achieved with a renewed focus on infection control training.

Infection control in early childhood settings

The importance of infection control in ECEC

Risk prevention and managing illness and infection along with its spread has long been considered paramount to running a successful service. Early childhood centres all over Queensland have infection control measures in place, in line with the National Quality Framework, specifically National Quality Standard Quality Area 2 which is centred around Children’s Health and Safety, ensuring that services use best practice in their approach to health, hygiene, illness, food safety and risk assessment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has however highlighted this importance for many businesses across every sector, and brought to the forefront just how essential it is to have protocols in place around hygiene, cleaning and staying home when you are unwell. For ECEC services this has meant revisiting practices and ensuring that entire teams and centre communities are confident about what needs to be done to prevent and manage infection and illness. It has been a time of levelling-up in knowledge and making sure protocols are followed at all times.

Minimising risk and maximising confidence in your centre

Getting staff on the same page about what is required to minimise risk of infection and ensure everyone feels confident that they doing their job to the highest standard can require additional support. Infection control training is an ideal way to foster a consistent and effective approach to keeping services clean and safe.

Infection control training is a valuable upskilling opportunity too, giving educators essential skills and knowledge. Upskilling continually offers ECEC owners and directors the opportunity to inspire their teams and enhance their offering to the community at the same time, and infection control training presents these same benefits.

It’s not only the prevention of COVID-19 outbreaks that can be achieved with strong infection control measures. Early childhood education services are frequently combatting the likes of more common childhood illnesses such as:

  • Influenza
  • Gastro
  • Common cold
  • Whooping cough
  • Hand foot and mouth disease

Giving your team of educators the chance to renew their understanding and ability around quality infection control practices can reduce illness, which also means less absences and sick days for your staff and attending children in your community.

Infection control training for educators

In line with the Government advice and protocols around infection control and prevention, it is vital to create and maintain safe education and care environments, and protecting your service’s community against COVID-19 transmission and other highly infectious conditions. Without infection control measures in place, the spread can be fast and alarming, putting the health of staff and families at risk.

Infection Control Skill Set (HLTSS00064)

This short course is designed to equip individuals working in health and community sectors with the skills and latest information to follow infection control procedures, implement precautions as needed and respond to infection risk in the early childhood education workplace.

Fast facts

  • General infection control skill set
  • 4 week course
  • Blended learning (self-directed learning online: 15 hours; video workshop: 3 hours; observations: 2 hours)
  • Nationally recognised
  • Funded places available to eligible individuals in QLD

Delivered online through an interactive and engaging format that is easily accessible for all, this nationally recognised course will ensure your team has an in-depth understanding of how to assess and identify infection risks as well as defining and controlling outbreaks in early childhood education settings.

This Fee-free* training is available through the Queensland Government and can fit in with your business and staff members schedule and commitments. Let our early childhood infection control specialists empower and support your service and team to be leaders in health and safety.

Keeping children and educators healthy and safe is always a top priority for Queensland’s early childhood services. Don’t forget to keep your service up to date — check in regularly with the latest on public health advice, COVID-19 restrictions and best practice for the sector.

At Practical Outcomes, we are here to help you support your staff and families to provide the best early childhood education and care experience to children.

For further details on our infection control training to ensure your team has the necessary skills for your centre to thrive, get in touch.

* You may be eligible for fee free infection control training.


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