Four things children want from childcare workers

Thursday, January 26, 2017

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What do children want from their child care providers?

Surprisingly, this important question isn’t asked often. We think it’s important though, seeing as children are the ones who spend the most time with child care providers and will feel the impact of their approach most.

Employers, parents and co-workers opinions aside, today we’re asking what’s important to children? Anyone considering undertaking a child care course should definitely take note.


Children are amazing at picking up the mood and energy of those around them. When it comes to child care workers, those with a positive, up-beat attitude put children at ease and create an environment that’s comfortable and fun.


Some children can’t wait to be dropped off at child care… Others find separating from mum or dad a little difficult to bear. Sometimes there are even tears. Carers who have a nurturing temperament make it a lot easier for children to adapt to childcare or kindergarten – particularly those who feel anxious about leaving mum and dad.


Patience is essential for working in childcare – from listening to stories, to working with disruption and handling everything that comes your way in between. Children will appreciate your patience, feel comfortable around you and be more inclined to engage in learning and development activities, knowing that you have plenty of time and understanding.



Perhaps the most cherished trait, children love carers who can use their imagination and enter their world. Having a playful attitude is not only entertaining for children, but can stimulate them to learn new skills and develop. Not to mention – it’s fun to revisit your inner child sometimes too!

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