Flexible online study for childcare courses

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

As the last several years have demonstrated, life doesn’t always go according to plan. Having an element of flexibility is important to the success of any plan and that’s why flexible study options are so essential.

Flexible online study is now more useful than ever. It means that learners at Practical Outcomes have been able to continue on their learning journey despite the upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic and any other disruptions that may have popped up in their lives. Online study means learners can continue toward their qualifications from just about anywhere, at any time. Now that’s flexible learning!

Flexible online study

Why flexible online study is vital

Learning never stops and with flexible online study, learning can fit in with existing commitments and work around any disruptions. Personal circumstances should not be limitations for achieving your study goals.

Learning with an easy-to-access online portal and thoughtfully designed material ensures more people have the opportunity to gain the qualifications they want regardless of their lifestyle. There are many reasons why people may prefer to study from home or elsewhere at their own time. As well as during this time of social distancing, online study can suit those who have busy lifestyles, limited time or who may live remotely and cannot commute for campus study.

Not all online study is created equal

At Practical Outcomes, we help you to get the most of out of your childcare course with a dedicated trainer and support that is tailored to your unique journey.

Ideally, the online delivery mode of your childcare course will combine the many benefits of on-campus studying with the convenience of completing your learning at a time and place that works for you.

Supportive trainers dedicated to your success

When we designed our online learning portal, we were careful to ensure that learners would be allocated a trainer who would guide them throughout their course – from start to finish.

Support is tailored to each individual’s needs and can be provided via phone, email or video chat. If you need help with assessments or have questions along the way, you aren’t alone – your trainer will be on hand to help as needed.

Interactive and easy to access

Our childcare courses theory components are all online, so you can get on with your learning from the comfort of wherever you are without undue stress. Being able to access everything you need in one place maximises the flexibility of your online study options.

Online learning presents the opportunity for learners to access an interactive experience through videos and quizzes, along with the convenience of being able to submit assessments online. Getting qualified from your couch doesn’t get much better than this!

Study online for a flexible approach to training

Life can be busy and constantly changing. Whether you’re a parent, currently working or have other life commitments, training online is perfect. You decide where and when your training takes place! Fitting study into your life can be simple and supported with Practical Outcomes’ online learning.


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