Finding a job when you’ve moved to Australia

Sunday, January 21, 2018

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So you’ve moved to Australia and you want to live and work in the beautiful land down under — but where to begin? No matter which stage you’re at in the process of migrating and starting a new life, finding work in Australia can feel overwhelming but you can do it!

If you’re ready to find work in Australia, let’s look at a few key points to consider for the best chance of success (and better yet, a meaningful career you can really love!).

Choosing an industry

Having a good understanding of what industries are booming and therefore have plenty of jobs available is really important. After all, the more jobs there are available in the industry you choose, the better chance you have of finding work in Australia!

Industries that are high growth include child care, aged care, agriculture and finance.

Gain qualifications

Don’t worry; you don’t need to go to university for three or more years to get qualified for a great job in Australia. There are plenty of courses with Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) that take as little as a few months and can equip you with a qualification to help you find gainful employment.

What’s more, many courses with reputable RTOs are hands-on and give you practical skills including on the job training so you gain real-world experience too. At Practical Outcomes, gaining the qualifications, knowledge and skills to work in child care is actually quite enjoyable!

For example, you can study a child care course at Practical Outcomes and in 11 months you can be qualified to work as an early childhood education professional. This can include being a nanny, working in a child care centre or even running your own day care business from home. That’s right — in less than one year!

Look for support

When you’re trying to build an amazing new life for yourself, support is incredibly valuable. We prioritise our students’ wellbeing and find that our support throughout their journey helps them to gain the success they are after.

If within a year you would like to be earning $39,324 to $57,668 (Payscale) working in child care in a meaningful, flexible and enjoyable career, child care could be perfect for you.

You can find our child care course options here, but don’t hesitate to call or email to chat with our helpful team about your career goals.





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