Finding childcare jobs in Australia

Monday, November 27, 2017

Finding child care jobs in Australia

Finding childcare jobs in Australia can sometimes be daunting, frustrating and disappointing. It can feel even more challenging when you don’t have any qualifications or experience. It might come as a surprise to learn that finding child care jobs in Australia isn’t quite so difficult.

Last year’s Census produced data showing that child care workers are in high demand. It is, in fact, one of Australia’s fastest growing jobs!

“But I’m not qualified”

You might be thinking well that’s great but I need a job now, and I don’t have the qualifications required to work in child care. You’ll be pleased to know that at Practical Outcomes we make sure that gaining the qualifications, knowledge and skills to work in child care is simple and even enjoyable.

Within one year you could be earning a child care worker salary of $39,324 to $57,668 (according to Payscale), working in child care in Melbourne — a career that is equal parts fulfilling, flexible and fun.

In fact, as soon as you enrol in a child care course and begin studying you could even start working in a child care centre. This is thanks to the ‘actively working towards’ provisions as per ACECQA.

Qualifications that lead to careers

As an industry that just keeps growing, you can undertake child care qualifications with the confidence that they will lead to a career.

You’ll gain much-needed industry experience through your Practical Outcomes child care course too. We help students arrange practical placement and ensure that all students fulfil the necessary workplace hours to gain essential hands-on skills. These skills will make you more confident, more competent and more employable.

Finding child care jobs in Australia becomes easy when you have a Practical Outcomes child care qualification. Take a look at our child care course options, including government funding and flexible study options:

Child care courses

Where are the full time jobs Melbourne?

Graduating with child care qualifications from Practical Outcomes opens many career doors. If you’re tired of wondering ‘Where are the full time jobs Melbourne’, or even the no experience jobs, a child care course can help you find a meaningful career.

You can start working in child care as soon as you commence studying. Thankfully, with our flexible learning and online study options you can combine work and study without the stress. Melbourne entry level jobs don’t get more rewarding than in the child care industry!

Ready to get started? Here’s where you can start looking for childcare jobs that you will love:



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