Education and training: Why it is a rewarding career path

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Working in the early childhood education and care sector can provide many rewarding career paths for individuals looking to make positive  impacts in the lives of children during their most crucial years of growth and development.

At Practical Outcomes we understand the importance of quality training and education and that’s why our trainers are dedicated to supporting their learners to make a real difference in the sector.

To understand on a personal level the satisfaction delivered from enhancing the development of children, we asked some of our ECEC trainers to tell us why they enjoy working in the sector and training the future generations of educators.

Working with the early childhood education and care sector

Making a positive impact on the lives of children

Working in early childhood education and care provides an opportunity to make a difference in the way a child approaches learning for life. Early childhood educators encourage, nurture and support positive outcomes in children’s health, wellbeing and lifelong learning.

Educators care for young children in their formative years of development, and play an important role in their understanding of the world around them. They are also present for many important moments and “firsts” in the children’s lives, and this can be very rewarding and special to experience.

In addition, working in the sector can also offer personal reward and satisfaction, with educators making important contributions to helping children grow and strengthen their cognitive and emotional development.

Knowing that the relationships that we build and the learning we support the children to do is a stepping stone for their learning journey is very special thing to be a part of.  – Kristy, Practical Outcomes Trainer

Supporting children through milestones and achievements

Being an educator means you are that trusted person that provides care and comfort to a child in need, supporting and working through any challenges and celebrating achievements. Playing a role in that “village” that raises a child, early childhood educators are a part of a team of individuals with  unique and differing values and experiences but with similar goals of working to better the lives of young children.

The sheer joy of being with the children – being in the unique and privileged position of being present to support them and celebrate their milestones and achievements is so rewarding. – Angela, Practical Outcomes Trainer

Developing the future generations of educators

Every learner who chooses Practical Outcomes to gain their early childhood education and care qualifications will have the support of a dedicated and experienced trainer who is committed to helping them achieve positive outcomes within their learning journey and preparing them to become confident and skilled educators.

Some learners have strong determination for why they need to study, and you know from the get-go, it is going to be smooth sailing. But there are other learners who need to be supported to understand what their daily responsibilities would be like, what it takes to be a confident team member, to learn how to be that adult that children will look up to and come to when needed. My learners know that I am here for them and with them, fully accepting them for who they are, not judging them for questions, being understanding and compassionate to all their needs – together it makes us an amazing force. – Natasha, Practical Outcomes Trainer

Our trainers provide ongoing support, via coaching and mentoring throughout each learners study journey, ensuring a pleasant and rewarding experience for each individual learning style. The professional training our trainers provide helps learners to form a strong understanding of their responsibilities, and a contemporary understanding and image of children which best supports the child to thrive and maximise his or her potential.

I can share not only my knowledge but my passion for the sector. I have the ability to empower future educators to continue to improve the sector as it continues to evolve. – Angela, Practical Outcomes Trainer

Whether learners are entering the sector for the first time or are upskilling for their career development, the support that our trainers offer can help learners build on their strengths and knowledge and learn how to put these into real life practice.

I enjoy training because I love sharing my experience and knowledge. When I was an educator and a leader, I noticed how the new generation of educators carried lots of gaps in their knowledge, therefore I decided that it was time to fill that gap, helping to build a better future of early childhood education professionals. – Cristina, Practical Outcomes Trainer

Support for lifelong learning

This Education Week we would like to thank all of the educators for their dedication and outstanding work that they do each and every day in caring for children and developing their skills for lifelong learning.

For more information about working within the ECEC sector and how to get started, contact us today.


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