COVID-19 Practical Outcomes learning journey FAQ

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

How we’re currently supporting you with your learning journey – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I continue with my studies?

Yes. You’ll be able to continue the theory components of your course, just not the practical assessments. Your trainer will ensure you have access to everything you need to do your projects and quizzes.

What happens with placement and my practical tasks?

For the meantime practical placement tasks will be on hold for affected learners. We will simply move you onto the next theory tasks, so you can continue studying. If your situation changes, we will keep you informed.

What if I am on placement or about to start soon?

Those currently on placement, we will endeavour to assist you to finish off that cluster or unit of work. If this is not be possible, we will ensure you can return to these assessments in the future when given the all clear. If you are about to start placement soon, please get in contact with your trainer, and they will be able to direct you to the next units of your course.

What if I am halfway through a placement block?

The first step is to have a conversation with your trainer. If your observations have already been done, we may be able to finish off the block. Alternatively, we will put that on hold, and move onto the next theory component of your course.

How will I be contacting my trainer?

In the same way you always have. Via phone, email and Skype. The learner success team will also be on call as additional help if you need extra support.

How will I get my learning materials?

If you are on our online portal, you will need to log into the portal as per usual. You will notice that you can only access the theory component and all placement blocks will be locked down.

If you are a paper-based learner, your trainer will send out the next few theory booklets and the learning content that you need. You will also receive these in PDF format via email so you can type up your answers and email them to your trainer for assessment and feedback. If you do not have access to a computer, please let your trainer know and we will make alternative arrangements for you.

How will I submit?

As an online portal learner, you will continue to submit as normal.

Paper-based learners, we will be asking most of you to type up your answers and email them to your trainer. Many of the documents we send through via email are templates you can type into and submit. For others, a simple word document with heading and task numbers will suffice.

Your trainer will also talk you through how you can upload your files through an online form. If you do not have a computer, you will be able to use the post to keep you moving.

How will I receive feedback?

Feedback will be provided in the Go1 portal as usual and/or through the usual means via email, phone or text message.

Who is the best person to contact if I have questions or am having trouble with anything? As always, your trainer is your number one stop for help. If they are not available, their email reply will provide an instruction for who else will be your next point of call.

As always please reach out to us with any questions. We are here to support you and ensure we minimise the disruption of completing your qualification.

Should you require specific support or guidance during this time, we encourage you to contact our team.


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