Celebrating Australia: Why growing up in Australia is so great

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Celebrating australia

There are many things to be proud of and celebrating Australia, from our picturesque landscapes to our multicultural society and belief in a fair go for all. Working in child care it is fun and educational to get involved in celebrating Australia and what makes our country so wonderful.

Celebrating Australia and all it has to offer

Young children are often interested in where places are and where they are from, and we can all unite over our shared love of Australia.

Helping children to understand what it means to be Australian and how diverse that definition is can be a powerful and fantastic topic to share in child care settings.

How you can celebrate Australia with children

You can get creative by using art, craft, music, story-telling, performance and more in celebrating Australia with children.

Map it out: Children are never too young to learn to recognise the distinctive shape of Australia. Try displaying an image of the country for children to become familiar with. You could also incorporate the image into art and craft activities.

Talk about diversity: Being a diverse and multicultural society is a notable element of Australia. Talk about everyone’s unique backgrounds but how we can all live together in harmony in our big, beautiful country.

Indigenous Australia: Exploring Australia’s history allows you to share the incredible culture of the Australian aboriginal community. Explore things like the dreamtime, indigenous art and music.

Flora and fauna: Australia has so much to offer, from beautiful beaches to enormous deserts. Our flora and fauna are diverse and beautiful, so explore the plants, animals and landscapes of this big, brown land.

Whether you choose to centre your discussions and celebration of Australia around a certain date in the year such as Australia Day or Harmony Day, or just incorporate the messaging year-long is up to you. Either way, celebrating Australia and being proud Australians is an enjoyable and valuable journey for all children.



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