How A Career In Child Care Can Work For Your Lifestyle

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


A career that makes you feel passionate and committed is pretty special. And while working in child care is one of those careers, we still need time for our personal lives as well. Within the child care industry, there are a range of roles available when you are qualified. Whether it’s full time, part time or casual, a career in child care has a job to suit you and your life.

A child care job with hours you’ll love

Traditional 9am-5pm work has been around for a long time, but many people find that this doesn’t work with their lives and needs. Thankfully, a job in child care doesn’t necessarily mean those are the hours you would work – even full time. Child care requirements can begin as early as first thing in the morning through to dinner time. This means that child care workers often get to work shifts that involve a range of hours during the day.

Working hours to suit your lifestyle

In a long day care facility, you could have a rotating roster than enables you to have flexibility in your life. You might work some mornings, then do some afternoons for example. Parents can often find that there are hours available to allow them to work around their own children’s arrangements. As a family day care worker, you could be choosing all your own hours and work as your own boss which can add even more flexibility to your lifestyle. In this child care role, your hours would be based on the requirements of your clients. Employment in early childhood roles can be on a permanent fulltime basis, part time hours or even casual if you prefer.

Live life your way with a career in child care

Whatever your lifestyle there’s a role in child care with working hours to suit. When you choose a career in early childhood education, your personal life can flourish right alongside your professional life. Learn more about embarking on a career in early childhood. Get in touch with us at Practical Outcomes by calling 1300 799 610.

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