Amazing benefits of upskilling your employees

Monday, September 18, 2017

As an employer, the idea of upskilling employees can feel overwhelming or challenging. Finding the time and energy to make it happen might feel like hard work – but the benefits to your childcare centre, children, families and of course your educators make it worthwhile.

upskilling employees

Here are just a few of the amazing benefits of upskilling your childcare workers and providing them with the opportunity for professional development on a regular basis.

Job satisfaction

It’s so important to give employees a reason to enjoy working in their jobs. Giving them the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills and even grow within the organisation means your staff will be happier. And you will have a low staff turnover, which saves on resources like time and money.

Increased productivity

When the members of your team are well-trained, they are better equipped to do their jobs. That means they are more efficient and able to achieve more out of their days. Ultimately, you’ll have fewer resources go to waste and a better standard of care within your child care centre.

Workplace safety

With the best qualifications, your team of educators is more likely to know how to do things the right way and less likely to have accidents in the workplace. Keeping your team trained minimises the chance of any costly mishaps in the future and keeps your staff and the children in their care safe.

Offering ongoing training and professional development opportunities give your centre an edge to attract the best educators and keep them. In an industry that is increasingly competitive, this is so essential. Not to mention giving children the very best start in life through delivering high-quality early learning and child care.

Your educators are your number one asset so it just makes sense to invest in them. Practical Outcomes can help make this process simple and effective – ask us today.

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