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Thursday, March 11, 2021

With the right learning support, course knowledge and passion you will be on track to improve your study skills and get qualified.

If you are feeling unsure about the skills required for a new course, know that you are not alone. Learning support helps many people who are holding back from taking on a course they are interested in because they feel like they don’t have the capabilities needed for studying.

Perhaps English isn’t your first language, or you never felt like you were very good at school. Spelling might be something you struggle with, or even understanding the questions to be able to answer them well. Thankfully, you don’t need to let language, literacy and numeracy stop you from pursuing your career goals.

Learning support for language, literacy and numeracy

Studying can be daunting for anyone, but it’s especially confronting when you feel like you aren’t a natural when it comes to learning. The Practical Outcomes team understands this and that’s why we have learning support in place that is dedicated to ensuring learners have the resources and help they need to succeed.

Mary Fennessey - Learning support

Meet Mary Fennessy, our Student Support Coordinator. Mary understands what it’s like to be hesitant about studying. She herself left school at a young age and was told she would never be able to find academic success.

“I was that student, always fearful. I had this voice telling me I wasn’t smart enough. But it’s just sticking to it, keeping your bum on the seat and asking for support. And you’ll get there.”

With a background in early childhood education and training as well as specialising in Language, Literacy & Numeracy (LLN), Mary has supported hundreds of learners. She believes that even the most capable people need learning support from time to time.

Key ways we support learner success

Learning support is available to help you get to where you want to be. Mary and the Learner Success team provides support for learners to achieve success in the face of any challenges they feel they may face.

We support learners in areas including:

  • Those whose second language is English and they may still be learning
  • Learners who have learning difficulties, such as dyslexia
  • Learners who lack confidence with reading and/or writing
  • Those who feel they need literacy and numeracy assistance
  • Helping with study tips and support with studying

Learning support is delivered in a variety of ways, from practical tips to mentoring sessions, helpful resources and ongoing support. This could be via the phone, in person, via email or in a video call. The key is making sure that learning support and training tools are accessible for all.

When it comes to second languages and the difficulties studying in a new language, Mary understands from her own experience learning a new language. Her insight and skills acquired through living in Indonesia mean that she is an invaluable resource for learners who are trying to get qualified while still working on their English language skills.

Mary even provides support when it comes to writing your resume and cover letters, so you have resources right through to applying for jobs too.

Why learning support is essential

Knowing that learning support is available can transform the way you approach your course. It means that learners can reach out and receive the guidance they need instead of putting studying the in too hard basket.

Even just having a learning support team there to reassure you can go a long way toward enhancing your studying experience and outcomes. Mary often finds her role support learners by bolstering their confidence.

“A lot of it is just being patient and encouraging learners. Sometimes people just lack confidence in themselves ­­­­­­­­- they think they can’t do it and it’s lovely when they realise they actually can.”

Whatever challenges her learner’s face, Mary is here for them. The support she offers comes from a genuine passion and care for her learners and truly wanting to see them succeed in reaching their educational goals.

Our experienced, passionate and friendly team, just like Mary, are ready to provide support and guidance to help you succeed, no matter what your study challenges may be.

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